ear reach中文意思是什麼

ear reach解釋
ear reach =earshot。

  • ear: n. 1. 耳朵。2. 聽覺;聽力;傾聽;注意。3. 耳狀物〈指水罐、茶杯等的把兒〉。4. 報頭兩端刊登小廣告、天氣預報的地方。n. 1. (稻麥等的)穗。2. 〈pl. 〉燈花。vi. 抽穗。
  • reach: vt 1 到,抵,到達(特定地點,目的地等),(長度等)達到…;(子彈等)打中;擴展到…,延及…,(作為...

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  1. No one was able to reach the farther shore.

  2. Reason gardenia has metabolization of stimulative blood fat, increase bile to secrete the action that contracts with gallbladder, can control temperature center and amount to antifebrile action, still have in addition fight bacterium, antiphlogistic, acetanilide, hemostatic, step - down to reach restore liver function function

  3. A common type of inner ear deafness seen in adults is that due to acoustic trauma.

  4. Psyche gave ear to the admonitions of her vocal attendants.

  5. " we ' ll sponsor a festival for the cost of a 30 - second television commercial and though we ' ll only reach a microscopic fraction of the number we hit on television, the impact will be far more long lasting, " said one advertising man yesterday

    「我們將用作30秒鐘電視商業廣告的費用去贊助一次音樂節,雖然我們只需付出作電視廣告費用的一小部分,但它的影響卻會深遠得多, 」一位廣告人昨天這樣說。