adj. 形容詞 刺耳的。

  • ear: n. 1. 耳朵。2. 聽覺;聽力;傾聽;注意。3. 耳狀物〈指水罐、茶杯等的把兒〉。4. 報頭兩端刊登小廣告、天氣預報的地方。n. 1. (稻麥等的)穗。2. 〈pl. 〉燈花。vi. 抽穗。
  • piecing: 接頭


  1. The 288 field coil sounds similar to alnico but extremely smoother, therefore warmer and does not kill your ear as of 288 when the music loud

  2. Distribution of photoassimilate to different parts of wheat ear after anthesis and its relation to kernel weight per ear

  3. Whether is your audition mixed my same, more than 20 years ago, my ear often gets tympanitis, at that time a respect is it is good to think it is ok to drink water more, after also can drinking water more really at that time, alleviate somewhat really, accordingly, also relapse instead so answer very long, another respect, going up as a result of me high school, because do not think by accident class, undeserved return a responsibility, the result brings about chronic tympanitis finally, continue all the time later, till the university entrance exam, it is such, real at that time aural comprehension already dropped, went up after the technical secondary school, just made an inspection in the hospital, the doctor ' s diagnosis is " the defect inside tympanic membrane, audition drops ", i also am mixed you are same, tympanic membrane was not defeated, auditory nerve is normal, the reason that audition dropped however

    你的聽力是否和我的一樣,二十多年前,我的耳朵經常得中耳炎,當時一個方面是認為多喝水就可以好,可當時也確實在多喝水后,確實有所緩解,因此,也就這樣反反復復很久,另一個方面,由於我正上高中,因為不想誤課,便不當回事,結果最終導致慢性中耳炎,后來一直延續,直到高考,都是這樣,當時實際聽力就已下降,上了中專后,才在醫院做了檢查,醫生的診斷是「鼓膜內陷,聽力下降」 ,我也和你一樣,鼓膜沒破,聽神經正常,聽力卻下降了的原因。
  4. The baha is anchored to the skull by a tiny titanium screw. instead of sounds entering the outer ear canal and impinging on the eardrum as in normal hearing, the sounds amplified by the device are conducted through the screw and the bones of the skull to the cochlea, the snail - shaped inner ear structure responsible for converting sounds into electrical signals carried to the brain by the auditory nerve

  5. B. palpate auricle for texture, tenderne, and presence of lesio. if client complai of pain, gently pull auricle and pre on tragus and behind ear over mastoid bone