earless seal中文意思是什麼

earless seal解釋
【動物;動物學】海豹科 (Phocidae) 動物。

  • earless: adj. 1. 無耳的。2. 聽覺不佳的。adj. 無穗的。
  • seal: n 〈sing pl 〉【動物;動物學】1 海豹。2 海豹毛皮(製品)。3 海豹皮色〈灰黃深褐色〉。4 〈Seals〉〈...

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  1. They wanted our seal to be an allegory representing the destiny of the new nation.

  2. Bloom in youth s smart blue oxford suit with white vestslips, narrowshouldered, in brown alpine hat, wearing gent s sterling silver waterbury keyless watch and double curb albert with seal attached, one side of him coated with stiffening mud

  3. I come here to bespeak fanny a seal.

  4. Up - down bisection is an arc, horizontal type. innovative insert plates and fixing bolts are used to fix and seal fosc, and its installation is quite simple

  5. A beautiful example of carved bloodstone with the seal of the german emperor rudolf ii can be seen at the l