early ageing中文意思是什麼

early ageing解釋

  • early: n 厄利〈姓氏〉。adj 1 早;(果實等)早熟的。2 早日的,及早的。3 早期的,很久以前的,古代的;近日...
  • ageing: n. 1. 變陳;成熟;【化學】老化。2. 【冶金】時效。

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  1. With the increasing salt concentration, milk - clotting activity became higher and higher, then reached its peak, and then decreased gradually ; in the early extraction, the speed was quick, the milk - clotting activity was increased obviously. after it amounted to the maximum, the activity became steadily lower steadily ; the increasing temperature in extracting could improve the extraction activity, but too high temperature could result in the denaturation and inactivation ; the greater the ratio of abomasums and butter and was, the quicker speed was when the enzymes was drawn out, and after extracting for twice, most of the enzymes in the abomasums could be drawn out

  2. Subsequently by taking “ ancient - style poems ” as center, make an exploration into the acceptant condition of traditional poems collection to canons in the preceding dynasties at the time of “ canon ” being established, from a comprehensive view by editor ' s selection basis, arrangement of collection and readers ' acceptability : among which the “ ancient poems collection ” to the superficial succession and meaning transfer of tu ' s poems canon as well as to the polemic interpretation and conclusion of five - character and seven - character poems canon, and the acceptability and misreading of “ poems of transcription in modern style ” in the mid of ching dynasty to “ ancient poems collection ”, all of which are sufficient to verify the alternative of “ canon ” for traditional poems collection that most of them adopt measures of succeeding canon in early times first, then making an increase and reduction ; while the selection of canon takes “ direct variation of polemics ” as premise, followed by a consideration of degree of art values ; it can be the concrete index of trend to make comments on poems on the selection and interpretation of canon for masters of each school

  3. According to this scenario, researchers could never find evidence of such early chondrules because all these objects would have been destroyed by the melting of the chondritic asteroids into which they accreted

  4. The exchequer early achieved independence.

  5. Professor taiju matsuzawa wanted to find out why otherwise healthy farmers in northern japan appeared to be losing their ability to think and reason at a relatively early age , and how the process of ageing could he slowed down