early urethral obstruction sequence中文意思是什麼

early urethral obstruction sequence解釋

  • early: n 厄利〈姓氏〉。adj 1 早;(果實等)早熟的。2 早日的,及早的。3 早期的,很久以前的,古代的;近日...
  • urethral: 尿道的
  • obstruction: n. 1. 堵塞,遮斷,妨礙,阻礙,障礙;【議會】妨礙議事進程。2. 遮斷物,障礙物。n. -ism 故意妨礙議案通過。n. -ist 妨礙議事者。
  • sequence: n 1 繼續;接續;連續。2 順序;程序;次第;關系;關聯。3 後果;結果;接著發生的事;後事;後文。4 ...

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  1. Berg in working out a logical sequence of events in the king's aggressive programme places its conquest in 1289 or early 1290.

  2. Based on the analyses of structural features, volcanic activities, sequence construction and so on, it is believed that liaohe basin has experienced the period of dextral transtensional stress field in late jurassic - early cretaceous, middle and late paleocene, late eocene, miocene, and also the period of sinistral compresso - shear stress field in late cretaceous, early paleocene, early and middle eocene, oligocene, pliocene

  3. The main conclusions are as follows ; firstly, under the influence of three phases of episodic activities, three two - order sequences is composed of three depositional cycles and three regional unconformities ; secondly, under the control of structure activities such as fault - block activities and the influence of three - order climate cycles and source recharge, lower cretaceous can be divided into six three - order sequence ; thirdly, because fault activities is weak and fault slope is gently, fan deltas exist in steep slopes in early and later stages and subaqueous fans exist and turbidite fans exist in troughs in middle stage

  4. The mentally dense sequence have a series of the characteristic inscrutability that is the good and false random, orbital inscrutability and the sensitivity of the early value. etc. so it is very keeping with in digital signature application

  5. The urinary retention is mainly caused by obstruction of the urethra near the prostate because of urethral stricture. the prostatitis usually occurs in younger men but bph or prostate cancer usually occurs in old men