earning of unconsolidated subsidiary中文意思是什麼

earning of unconsolidated subsidiary解釋
未合併子公司盈餘, 不包括子公司盈餘

  • earning: capacity
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • unconsolidated: 非固結的
  • subsidiary: adj 1 輔助的,幫助的。2 次要的,附屬的。3 補足的 (to); (指雇傭兵)為另一國所雇傭的。n 1 補給品...

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  1. They demanded the divorce of the subsidiary from the parent firm.

  2. When preparing consolidated financial statements, it shall adjust the financial statements of the subsidiary company on the basis of the fair values of the identifiable assets, liabilities and contingent liabilities determined on the acquisition date

  3. The research work in this paper was carried out at the second power factory of xici subsidiary. the production technology of strontium ferrite was studied and wet process of strontium ferrite pre - sintering material with anisotropic characteristic was determined. products of y30h - 2 which meet the standard series of sj / t10410 - 1993 were selected to be experimental products

    本文以西磁分公司料粉二廠為基點,研究了鍶永磁鐵氧體生產的工藝技術路線,確定了濕法工藝生產各向異性鍶永磁鐵氧體預燒料,並將試驗產品定位在sj t10410 - 1993標準中的y30h - 2產品。
  4. The theses takes banking " data in xiamen as an example. it exists that huge credit risk and the lackness of interest rate management and earning of profit. something must be done to strengthen profit oriented interior government, proceed operation flow recreation, exercise differency competition strategy

  5. The separation of a subsidiary or division of a corporation from its parent by issuing shares in a new corporate entity