earnings dilution中文意思是什麼

earnings dilution解釋

  • earnings: n. pl. 所得,收入,工資,報酬,利潤。
  • dilution: n. 1. 沖淡;稀釋。2. 稀度,淡度。3. 稀釋物。4. 削弱,削減。5. (把技術性操作分成若干加工過程而用生手替換熟手的)勞動力的削減 (= dilution of labour)。

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  1. Spendable earnings accrue on the gift annually

  2. Blood dilution pipettes for blood corpuscles counting

  3. The quality of dilution water, which if contaminated leads to incorrect bod values.

  4. Professor carlin, who teaches economics, said : this is thefirststrong evidence of a turnaround in the link between wiveshoursand husbands earnings for any country

    卡林教授表示: 「在任何國家,這是第一份證明了妻子的工作時間與丈夫的收入成正比的最強有力證據。 」這一調查結果意味著,成功男性不再害怕老婆事業有成。
  5. The paper firstly comment on the basis theory of earnings management, in which earnings management and accounting chouse was differentiated, and from contract theory and information economics analyzing its deep foundation, point out earnings management must be existed in market economy, then expatiating on earnings management characters qualities