earthwork cross section中文意思是什麼

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  • earthwork: 1. 土方(工程)。2. 土木工事;土壘;土炮臺;土堤。3. 土石藝術〈利用泥土、石塊等天然形態加工的藝術品〉。
  • cross: n 1 十字架;〈the C 〉 耶穌受刑的十字架。2 〈the C 〉 基督教(教義,國家)。3 不幸,苦難;挫折,...
  • section: n 1 (外科、解剖的)切斷;切割;切開。2 【外科】切片,【金相】磨石。3 (果子的)瓣。4 【數學】截...

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  1. When an assumptive cutting plane is passed through an object, the cross section is drawn, which is called a cut

  2. The whole concrete cross-section resists load.

  3. The temperature of surface concrete varies with environmental temperature, but the conductibility of inner concrete is very poor. as a result, a quick decrease of environmental temperature will lead to large temperature gradient and then tensile stress develop soon in the thick direction, which will probably occur on the entire cross - section

  4. The cross section of a bridge deck may twist as a result of excessive life.

  5. The dipole oscillator sum can be expressed in terms of the integrated photo absorption cross section.