east freetown中文意思是什麼

east freetown解釋

  • east: n 1 東,東方。2 東邊,東面。3 〈the E 〉 東方〈美語作 the Orient〉; 〈美國〉東部〈密士失必河以東...
  • freetown: n. 自由城(弗里敦)〈獅子山國首都〉。

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  1. Travelers sami sabiti and justine shapiro return to south africa to see how much the rainbow mation has changed in the decade since apartheid. starting in the beautiful cape town they travel to robben islad to see where nelson mandela was imprisoned. after a stop in kimberly, sami does on to the tribal lands of limpopo while justine heads east to afrikaner oudtshoorn and on to durban before meeting the wildlife of kruger national park. they end their journey in johannesburg

  2. This is east - wing check - in. we ' re all clear

  3. The asian side ? anatolia is broken up by the valleys of about 15 rivers , including the dicle ( tigris ) and the firat ( euphrates ) in the east of turkey

  4. Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in south - east asia

  5. Brit ) sailing barge used especially in east anglia