adj. 形容詞 可食用的,可吃的。
n. 名詞 〈pl. 〉 食物,食品。
eatables and drinkables 吃的和喝的。


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    2. There are people who strictly deprive themselves of each and every eatable, drinkable, and smokable which has in any way acquired a shady reputation

    3. Both chicken feathers and garlic skins are what need to be removed from the eatable part, and they are both light in weight

    4. The contents of the pan began to boil, and he turned to plunge his hand into the bowl ; i conjectured that this preparation was probably for our supper, and, being hungry, i resolved it should be eatable ; so, crying out sharply, i ll make the porridge

      鍋里的東西開始燒滾了,他轉過來把手朝盆里伸。我猜想這大概是預備我們的晚飯,我既然餓了,就決定要把它燒得能吃下去,因此尖聲叫出來, 「我來煮粥! 」
    5. Aim at the problem of high oil wastage fried food, quick oxidation, low using rate, through anti - oxidation and deeply subtly sieve to reduce oil wastage, improve product eatable time to be more 40 %

      針對油炸膨化食品炸油消耗量大、氧化快、利用率低的突出問題,通過抗氧化及深度精濾,減少炸油消耗量30 %以上,使用時間延長40 %以上。