ecacuation of capsule中文意思是什麼

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  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • capsule: n 1 【生理】莢膜,囊狀物;【植物;植物學】蒴,莢,種囊。2 【化學】(蒸發用的)小碟;小皿,小盒。3...

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  1. This thesis taking the lead in systematically studying pleurocarpous mosses, is a part of the comprehensive research of bryophytes in hebei, which will provide datum for the statistics and analysis of bryophytes along with exploit and utility of plant resources in hebei, which will provide the first - hand material for the compilation of the ( ( flora bryophytarum hebeiensis ) ) and the ( ( flora bryophytarum sinicorum ) ). on classification system, the author references the classification systems about bryophytes and approves standpoint of vitt., considering that the place of capsule growing is the criterion of distinguishing acrocarpous and pleurocarpous mosses

    本研究採用了陳邦傑教授( 1963 )修正的reimers ( 1932 )關于蘚綱植物的分類系統,同時,支持h . d . mitten ( 1984 )的觀點,認為劃分頂蒴和側蒴蘚類植物的依據是孢子體著生的位置,其中側蒴蘚類植物是指蒴柄從葉腋中發生非著生莖頂的蘚類植物,分類系統上指從虎尾蘚科( hdwigiaceae ) ?塔蘚科( hylocomiaceae )等。
  2. As to the abuses of that analog circuits mix digital ones, special components mix general ones, and overfull append devices in domestic and overseas capsule endoscope electric systems, we introduce a full digital, high - integration and simple - configuration idea for the design of capsule endoscope electric system, then designed and made camera module, wireless transceiver module and usb data transfer module

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