ecological damage中文意思是什麼

ecological damage解釋

  • ecological: adj. 生態學的。adv. -ly
  • damage: n 1 損害,損傷;〈口語〉傷害,毀壞。2 〈口語〉費用,代價。3 〈pl 〉 【法律】 賠償損失;賠償金。vt...

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  1. Researches on the economic loss assessment of ecological damage of land occupation in the process of urbanization have been seldom seen both in china and abroad

  2. Since the middle period of the 20th century, the mixed contradiction among economy, society, population and environment has been sharply flaring up with the industrialization of our human society, thus bringing about environmental crises characterized by environmental pollution, ecological damage and natural resources exhaustion

  3. Aiming at a series of ecological problems ensured from long - term pursuit for pure stand management of phyllostachys pubescens blindly in fujiang province, such as speedingup destruction of natural broad - leaved forest, serious impact on the implementation of natural forest protection engineering, and daily worsening of moso s damage by pests, snow - fall, icebreak, in - depth analysis is given out to inhabit divergences, operation traits, management conditions

  4. We will adopt fiscal and taxation systems conducive to scientific development and set up sound compensation systems for use of resources and for damage to the ecological environment

  5. Since the 20th century, accompanied by large - scale industrialization and urbanization, environmental problem is growing more and more serious and environmental torts increase every day around the world. the damage and its relief caused by environmental pollution and ecological damage have already become a major social problem confronted by china in the course of economic and social development