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  1. Meanwhile, it gives a mental introduction to administrative guidance by analyzing its basic theoretic knowledge such as concept, character, etc. in addition, by comparison the writer reviewed legislation and application status in practical affairs in developed countries and regions, and analyzed the history of administrative guidance and its existed problem. finally her point of view is that in order to consummate our administrative guidance, it should be that implement principle set as a pre - control measure, procedure bylaw set as mid - control measure, and almsgiving system as after - control measure

  2. Judging from the dispersal of indus civilization artifacts, the trade networks, economically, integrated a huge area, including portions of afghanistan, the coastal regions of persia, northern and central india, and mesopotamia

  3. Research on coordinated development of spiritual civilization construction and traditional cultural sports industry of minorities in xiang, e, yu and qian border regions of china

  4. The implementation of the strategies for promoting the coordinated development of different areas such as the western region, revitalizing old industrial bases in the northeast and other regions, promoting the rise of the central area, and encouraging faster development of the eastern area, as well as accelerating urbanization, will bring new opportunities for solving the employment problem

  5. The working style and service level concerning family planning in most rural regions, especially in some economically underdeveloped areas, remain to be improved