ectrophotometric distance中文意思是什麼

ectrophotometric distance解釋

  • distance: n 1 距離,路程。2 遠隔,遠離;遠處,遠方。3 (時間的)間隔,長遠,長久。4 懸殊。5 隔閡,疏遠。6 ...

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  1. The highway that he followed was open, and at a little distance dipped into a valley, across which it could be seen running from edge to edge. he had traversed the greater part of this depression, and was climbing the western acclivity, when, pausing for breath, he unconsciously looked back

  2. The anharmonic effect of atomic vibration taken into account and from the potential energy which reacts each other among atoms, boltzmann statistical principle used, the relation formula of temperature and the distance change between atoms and coefficient of linear expansion is derived

  3. The development of software system on intelligent long - distance annunciator by vb

  4. Our philosophies are a long distance apart.

  5. We approximated the distance at 100 miles.