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  • ed: 1. electron device 電子器件[裝置]。 2. erection deficiency【醫學】陽萎,勃起困難。
  • wood: n 伍德〈姓氏〉。n 1 〈常 pl 〉樹林,森林。2 木質。3 木材;木板;木柴;木球;(高爾夫球)木棍。4 ...

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  1. It was the most elegant chamber in the flat, for it was hung with some light - colored fabric and contained a cheval glass framed in inlaid wood, a lounge chair and some others with arms and blue satin upholsteries

  2. My father is pricked in the wood that one is plunged into on arm, stick no less than coming with adhesive plaster, have what method to be done some neatlier, never mention it on the hospital is the cleanest, i do not have that ability to because plunge into the hospital on thorn, persuade him really

  3. As a consequence large-scale afforestation schemes have been started to provide cheaper sources of wood.

  4. The community of meado wood, adjoined the southwest limits of the airfield.

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