efficiency of gross production中文意思是什麼

efficiency of gross production解釋

  • efficiency: n. 1. 功效。2. 效率;效能;實力,能力。3. 【物理學】性能。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • gross: adj 1 粗壯的,肥大的;魁偉的。2 顯著的;嚴重的;惡劣的。3 濃厚的,稠密的;茂盛的。4 粗劣的,粗糙...
  • production: n 1 生產,產生;【物理學】(粒子的)生成;製造;(電影的)攝制;(戲劇的)演出;著作。2 產品,製...

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  1. In our country, the graphitized electrode production mainly uses acheson graphitization furnace, which has the disadvantage of long production cycle, large power consuming, low efficiency and control technique

  2. Thus disequilibrium is a mark of waste, and imperfect efficiency of production.

  3. Presently has to emphatically take eight methods for it : taking township project for locomotive to earnestly do well the general grogram on new countryside and new pasture construction ; fulfilling " six great engineering " to accelerate township ' s basic facilities construction of new countryside and new pasture and reinforce socialistic affairs development ; implementing " transformation 、 expansion and promotion " three strategies to increase production and lift efficiency of agriculture and stock breed and raise farmers and nomads ' incomes ; accelerating policy support and financial investments to strengthen the development impetus in countryside and pasture ; further do well program work to lay fundament for prodding the economy rapidly developed in new countryside and new pasture ; enhancing farmers and nomads ' skill training to bring up a group of socialistic new - type farmers and nomads who being cultured, skillful and understanding managements ; entirely deepen the reform in countryside and pasture to enhance the driving force and vitality of development of new countryside and new pasture ; realistically respect and protrude the main body position of farmer and nomad to basically change their traditional value concepts on production and livelihood

    目前要著力採取八項措施:以村鎮規劃為龍頭,認真做好新農村新牧區建設總體規劃;實施「六大工程」 ,加速新農村新牧區村鎮基礎設施建設和社會事業發展;實施「轉變、拓展、提升」三大戰略,加速農牧業增產增效和農牧民增收;加大政策扶持和資金投入力度,增強農牧區發展的動力;進一步做好項目工作,為推動新農村新牧區經濟快速發展打好基礎;加速農牧民技能培訓,造就一批有文化、懂技術、會經營的社會主義新型農牧民;全面深化農村牧區改革,增強新農村新牧區發展的動力和活力;切實尊重和突出農牧民的主體地位,從根本上轉變農牧民傳統的生產、生活方式和價值觀念。
  4. And painstaking investigation for the industrial port of wisco production equipments, loading and unloading technological process and transportation assignment process and collecting a great deal of datum. they have found out the climacteric element which had made quantitative analysis and research about those climacteric elements. they have had come to the conclusion that the climacteric element of influencing the finished product wharf of the industrial port of wisco production ability, loading and unloading assignment efficiency, loading and unloading quality was the contradiction between goods " distribution of cargoes and the not match of shipping style, the transport organization process of steel was incardinate

  5. Standard test method analytical procedure for determining the efficiency of a production well in a confined aquifer from a constant rate pumping test