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ejection mechanism解釋

  • ejection: n. 1. 逐出,趕出。2. 排出,推出;噴出,吐出;發射,噴射。3. 排出物,噴出物;射出物。
  • mechanism: n 1 (機械)結構;機械裝置[作用];(故事的)結構。2 【哲學】機械論 (opp vitalism)。 3 【文藝】...

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  1. Research on postharvest physiology of table grape in recent years is summarized in this article. respiration, the mechanism of abscission, so2 injury and browning were systematically analyzed respectively

    圍繞葡萄采后的呼吸代謝、采后脫粒機理、 so2傷害機制及褐變原因等方面,綜述了近年來國內外葡萄采後生理研究進展情況。
  2. Abstract : the reaction conditions, catalysts of selective oxidation of propane to acrolein and the mechanism of acrolein formation were reviewed

  3. After actuating a timing mechanism, undoubtedly he reached up and placed the bomb there.

  4. Wang, s., zheng, h. n. , wang, x. h., 1997, magnetic reconnection and mechanism for the formation of coronal mass ejection in the coronal current sheets, research digest in memory of zhao jiuzhang, scientific press, beijing, 205

    王水,鄭惠南,王小虎, 1997 ,日冕電流片中的磁場重聯和日冕物質拋射的形成機制,趙九章紀念文集(葉篤正主編) ,科學技術出版社,北京, 205
  5. This work is useful to the design and analysis of the new ejection mechanism, especially the new cylinder. finally, we gave some clue for further research basing on the summary of this paper

    最後分別分析了不同慣性負載mw 、不同行程s 、不同有效面積ae對作動筒動特性的影響,為設計新的導彈彈射裝置特別是氣壓作動筒提供了理論依據。