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  • elastic: adj. 1. 有彈力[彈性]的。2. 伸縮自如的,靈活的。3. 機變的,輕快的。n. 橡皮線,松緊帶,橡皮圈。adv. -ally
  • center: n vt vi 〈美國〉=centre n 1 中心;中心點;圓心;中央;中樞,核心;中心人物;根源,起源。2 〈常C ...

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  1. The development of network media causes great impact on the communication patterns in our country, the media transfers from the disseminators as operation center to the acceptant as operation center. of course, our country gets the new spread way at present, and network media become a new window to helping readers both at home and abroad to understand china

  2. The smashing roller clearance adopts the fore - and - aft wheel acentric type adjustment, the roller center adjust agilely and simply

  3. Ab initio calculations of elastic constants and sound velocity of sodium iodine

  4. The group established r d center, with very powerful technical backup, mainly exploits and manufactures products of xinfa brand, including polyurethane sieve - plates pu sieve - plates, polyurethane roller pu roller, pu slice, pu bar, pu piece, pu elastic web gears and other polyurethane elastomer

    鑫發聚氨酯篩板是使用高分子聚合材料聚氨酯,部分內嵌金屬骨架構成。聚氨酯是一種高分子聚合材料又稱「橡膠之王」 ,以前大部分篩板篩網是由不銹鋼金屬絲多孔板高彈線和傳統橡膠製成。
  5. After considering the coupling of the mounting errors and elastic deformation, the meshing influences of the error of the center distance, the setting parametric error in the axial direction, and the intersect angle between the two axes on transmission performance are investigated. 4

    考慮到安裝誤差和載荷作用下的彈性變形等非共軛因素耦合作用,分析了漸開線蝸桿傳動在安裝時存在中心距誤差,軸間相對位置誤差,軸間相對夾角誤差對其承載嚙合的影響; 4