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  • elastic: adj. 1. 有彈力[彈性]的。2. 伸縮自如的,靈活的。3. 機變的,輕快的。n. 橡皮線,松緊帶,橡皮圈。adv. -ally
  • compliance: n. 1. 應允,答應(要求等)。2. 和藹,溫和;順從,服從;盲從;【物理學】柔量;【數學】順性。
  • coefficient: adj. 共同作用的。n. 1. 共同作用;協同因素。2. 【數,物】系數,率;程度。

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  1. In light of the elastic thin plate theory, the author induced equilibrium differential equation of bi - direction cellular slab, which was proved correct through analysis and comparison to result of ansys to with theoretical calculation. through the deflection and bending moment coefficient calculation of bi - direction cellular slab under various boundary conditions, the author brought forward the theory that the deflection of mid - span and bending moment coefficient calculation of mid - span and support of bi - direction cellular slab could be in accordance with solid plates ", which could satisfy the precision of engineering

  2. Besides, this paper adopts the random finite element method, uses geometric and physical mechanical parameters that are relevant to lining weight of surrounding rock, coefficient of lateral pressure, height or buried depth of vertical loading, elastic resistance coefficients of surrounding rock, elastic modulus of support structure, unit weight of concrete, thickness of the structure as well as torsional strength and compression strength of concrete and etc., as random variables, applies the monte - carlo method to sampling by computer, preliminarily evaluates the reliability of bearing capacity and stability of molded concrete lining of the xuefeng mountain tunnel, and obtains the related displacement of the lining, mean value and variance of internal force, and computed the reliability index of lining structures

  3. Based on vibration principle, the paper establishes dynamics analysis model of output shaft with elastic support, according to fourer series spread principle of periodic function, the dynamic response formula is derived by separating complex vibration force into sum of many simple harmonic excitation function of whole number times frequency relations. the result shows that response of both sides support is synchronous when load distribution non - uniform coefficient is 1

    依據振動理論建立了具有彈性支撐的輸出軸的動力學分析模型,根據周期函數的傅里葉級數展開原理,將復雜的激振力分解成為多個頻率成整倍數關系的簡諧激勵函數,導出了動態響應表達式,結果表明,當載荷分配不均勻系數為1 . 0時的輸出軸兩端支撐同步。
  4. On the base of milling ball interaction during milling process, the powder height of each collision can be calculated. if the impact of milling ball takes as hertz elastic collision, the maximum real strain and the maximum tangential strain are obtained as follows, e, . , ln [ h, / ( h0 ? vrcos6 / 2 ) ] = vrsin6 / h0 ? / q, t2rt2 / 2om ~ h, j where s, p, v are maximum real strain, the maximum tangential strain, friction coefficient and the velocity of milling ball

    對球磨過程中磨球相互作用作了一些假設后,可以計算出每次碰撞所獲得粉末體高度值;將磨球的碰撞作為hertz彈性碰撞,碰撞時的速度分解為法向速度和切向速度得出粉末的最大真應變和最大切應變為湖南大學材料物理與化學專業碩士論文r 。
  5. The effects of clearances within the connections of the mechanisms and of elastic compliance of the links and members of the device are very serious. especially to the mechanism worked in space environments, the analysis method is important