elastoplastic modulus matrix中文意思是什麼

elastoplastic modulus matrix解釋

  • elastoplastic: 彈塑性的
  • modulus: n. (pl. -li ) 【數、物】模數,模量;系數。 a modulus of elasticity 彈性模量。
  • matrix: n (pl matrices 或matrixes)1 【解剖學】子宮;母體;發源地,策源地,搖籃;【生物學】襯質細胞;間...

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  1. Standard power method in evaluating all the maximum modulus eigenvalues of square matrix and associated eigenvectors

  2. In this paper, we consider the optimal parameter vector a of the modified incomplete gauss _ seidel method ( migs ). we prove that the spectral radius function of the iterative matrix t of migs with parameter vector is strictly monotonic decreasing with respect to a satisfying 0 e if the classical gauss _ seidel method converges for a z _ matrix. some properties of the left and right eigenvectors corresponding to the largest eigenvalue in modulus are given, too. these results are useful to find an optimal parameter for migs

  3. Aluminum alloy matrix composite has a series of advantages such as low density, high specific strength and specific modulus, high wear resistance, low coefficient of expansion, high coefficient of heat conductivity and high cooling rate

  4. It was revealed that elastomer or filler had its strong point as modifier of pp. at the same matrix ligament thickness l, improvement of toughness by elastomer was obviously higher than that of caco3, while adding caco3 increased the modulus, hardness and heat deflection temperature of pp

    0刀9匆m人指出用彈性體和無機剛性粒子作聚丙烯的增韌劑各有所長,在相同基體帶厚度l下,彈性體提高韌性的程度明顯高於c3co3 , c3co3則使聚丙烯的模量、硬度和熱變形溫度等明顯提高。
  5. Metal matrix composite had begun to develop early in 1960s, and became one new branch in the field of composite. among them, the aluminum based matrix developed especial quickly, because it has many merits compared with other metal, such as light weight, specific strength and shear strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high young ' s modulus, better thermal stability and temperature conductivity