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  • electric: adj. 1. 電的;帶電的;起電的,導電的,發電的,電動的。2. 令人激動的,緊張的,驚人的。3. 〈美口〉(樂曲的)用電吉他演奏的。n. 〈口語〉1. 帶電物體。2. 電動車輛。
  • appliance: n. 1. 器具,用具;器械;裝置,設備。2. 適用,應用。
  • plant: n 1 植物,草木 (opp animal); 草本;〈商用語〉樹秧,苗木。2 莊稼,作物,收獲;(植物的)生育。3 ...

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  1. Jiaxing renle electric appliance co. ltd is established in 2002 and is the high - technology company integrated the design, development, production, sales with the service after sales. it specially manufactures the products such as the bellows, bellows connector, cableconnector, plastic covered metal hose and drag chain, which is mainly applied in the indus - tries such as the automlbile wire bundle sheathing, ma - chine tool machinery, electrical locomotive, automotive in - struments and meters, motor and engineering installation. the company has passed the certiflcation of international. iso9001 、 2000 quality mangement system. managing the company strictly and improving the product quality makes our company develops rapidly and the product quality keeps the leading position in domestio market

    嘉興市雷諾爾電氣有限公司成立於2002年,是集設計、開發、生產、銷售和售後服務於一體的高科技企業,專業生產波紋管,波紋管接頭,電纜接頭,包塑金屬軟管,拖鏈等產品,廣泛應用於汽車線束護套,機床機械,電力機車,自動化儀器儀表,電機馬達,工程安裝等行業的應用,公司已通過國際iso9001 、 2000質量管理體系的認證,嚴格公司管理,提升產品質量,使我公司得以高速發展,產品質量國內領先。
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  3. Located on the bank of the mother - river, qiantang river, at 6f zhonghua mansion 489 qiutao rd, hangzhou jinjiang electric appliance co., ltd. former hangzhou jinjiang electrical appliance factory is specialized in manufacturing thermal protector and starter for compressors of air - conditioner and refrigerator. with an annual output capability of 1, 000, 000 sets, the products are mainly supplied for domestic compressor manufacturers and partly exported. it covers a building area of 1, 600 square meters and employs over 100 people, among which 12 are technicians. all the staff are qualified by receiving professional training. the company consists of general affair office, quality control department, manufacture department, product department, procurement and promotion department ane after - sales department

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  5. In a modern coal burning electric generating plant the steam may be hot enough to ignite wood