electric charge volume density中文意思是什麼

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  • electric: adj. 1. 電的;帶電的;起電的,導電的,發電的,電動的。2. 令人激動的,緊張的,驚人的。3. 〈美口〉(樂曲的)用電吉他演奏的。n. 〈口語〉1. 帶電物體。2. 電動車輛。
  • charge: vt 1 填;裝(子彈);充(電);使飽和;使充滿;堆積,裝載。2 命令;促;諭示,指令。3 責備;告誡。...
  • volume: n. 1. 卷,冊;書籍;【歷史】書卷,卷軸。2. 〈常 pl. 〉大塊,大量,許多。3. 體積;容積;分量,額;【物、樂】音量;強度,響度。
  • density: n. 1. 稠密;濃厚。2. 【物理學】濃度;密度;比重。3. 愚鈍,昏庸。

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  1. The material was sintered at 1050 for three hours to get the porous artificial bone, that its apparent porosity was54 %, its volume density was 1. 28 g / cm3, and its bending strength was 13. 25mpa. the results showed that the sintering temperature was reduced by adding bioglass

    本研究採用含生物玻璃前驅體粉末原料,添加檸檬酸造孔劑,模壓成型,在1050燒結保溫3小時,獲得了顯氣孔率為54 、體積密度為1 . 28s cm ~ 3 、抗彎強度為13 . 25mpa的多孔hap人工骨材料。
  2. Metals and other substances that allow the motion of electric charge through them are called conductors.

  3. It is possible to impart an electric charge to any solid material by rubbing it with any other material.

  4. They have no electric charge and are completely unaffected by electromagnetic or strong interaction forces.

  5. Refractory fiber and product is manufactured by means of dry method and wet method. as an excellent insulation material, it has comparatively low volume density, good softness and very low thermal conductivity coefficient. sticking method, ancjoring method and folding method can be selected respectively. this product can be used in various industrial kilns & furmaces for lowering heat consumption