electrical coring中文意思是什麼

electrical coring解釋

  • electrical: adj. 1. 電力的,電動的,發電的;電氣科學的。2. 令人激動的,緊張的,驚人的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • coring: 成核

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  1. Based on the results of radiation monitoring and acas simulation, the hko will, in consultation with department of health and electrical and mechanical services department, advise the

  2. The electrical resistivity of some metals seems to vanish altogether at temperatures a few degrees above absolute zero.

  3. Contemporary, this product can affixture the electrical granules onto walls and floors to cleanse the air to make human feel well by releasing the anion to barges against the granule in the atmosphere

  4. Effect of the carbon black on the electrical performance of gas diffusion electrode of zinc - air battery

  5. The shell of an electrical appliance is grounded by attaching it with a wire to a gas or water pipe.