electro-attracting group中文意思是什麼

electro-attracting group解釋

  • electro: n. (pl. electros) 〈口語〉=electroplate, electrotype.
  • attracting: 有吸引力
  • group: n 1 群;批,簇。2 集團,團體,小組。3 【化學】基,團,組;(周期表的)屬,族。4 (雕塑等的)群像...

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  1. A group of machine addresses that refer to abase address

  2. Association between abo blood group and smoking with lung cancer susceptibility

  3. The group includes the following subsidiary company : zhongheng electro - plating factory, zhongheng electro - plating spare part salesroom, zhongxing hardware spare parts salesroom, artdeco handmade iron products and lighting co., ltd, huijin realestateagent company, etc

  4. Which in the different kinds of interest groups, the activities of interest group with the background of enterprise have been the most attention attracting and controversy

  5. As the group s 1996 debut album " reverence " went on to sell some five million copies worldwide, dido began working on solo material, developing a lushly ethereal sound combining elements of acoustic pop and electro. .

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