electrochemical equivalent中文意思是什麼

electrochemical equivalent解釋

  • electrochemical: action
  • equivalent: adj 1 相當的,相同的,同等的。2 【化學】等價的,當量的;【數學】等價的;等量的;等勢的;【物理學...

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  1. The afterheat, which is collected by recovery devices, in winter can be used as the low level thermal source of heat pump, and in summer can preheat feed water, thus equivalent an economizer. because energy flows in the system so reasonably that energy is used to the most, therefore, its energy conservation effect is significant, and the operating expenditure declines consequently. the sewage can be reused after due treatment, thua it has a certain social and ecological benefit, too

  2. The price tag for an amg model is $ 25, 000 - $ 35, 000 higher than for the equivalent mass - production version

    一輛amg款轎車的售價,比對等的量產版高2 . 5萬美元至3 . 5萬美元。
  3. Equal channel angular processing of the pearlitic steel ( 0. 65 wt. % c ) was successfully carried out at 650 with route c in this study, obtaining a total equivalent true strain ~ 5. the microstructure evolution of pearlitic steel in ecap was investigated by means of transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope. the main results are as the following : 1

    本研究成功地實現了c方式650珠光體鋼65mnecap變形,累積等效真應變達到5 。並用透射電鏡、掃描電鏡研究了珠光體組織的演變特點和滲碳體的變形。主要結果如下: 1
  4. Electrochemical aspects of oxidation of arsenopyrite in the presence and absence of thiobacillus ferrooxidans

  5. The results show that mno which not be modified can not be use as electrode active materials because of its poor electrochemical activity. meanwhile, the rechargeabilify of mno modified by bi and pb is improved. bismuth could prolong the second electron equivalent discharge and lead could improve the first electron equivalent discharge performance

    I44 )對熱分解產物進行了充放電,循環伏安,恆電流極化, tafe曲線分析,交流阻抗分析,得出未摻雜的mno直接作為電極活性材料,其電化學活性很差,但通過摻bi , ph進行改性,提高了其可充性, 1的影響主要在於第二電子放電, ph則可以延長第一電于放電