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  • electronic: adj. 電子的,電子操縱的;用電子設備生產的;用電子設備完成的。adv. -cally
  • tube: n 1 管,筒;顏料管。2 管狀地下隧道;〈口語〉(倫敦的)地下鐵道。3 【炮】炮身;【汽鍋】鍋管;【解...
  • handbook: 手冊,便覽,指南;〈美國〉賽馬手冊。

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  1. This project which is based on the demand of increasing the electron tube ’ s qualities totally and reducing the manufacture cost has done a large amount of investigative work as follows to improve and perfect the technologies for the important part of electron tube manufacture ? the grid surface processing : on the surface processing of the molybdenum grid, the primary purpose is to reduce thermionic emission and secondary electronic emission of the grid. by the constantly experiment and grabbling the different technology routes, we have successfully developed these new technologies on the tac and zrc electrophoresis and electroplating platinum black of the grid, and made its surface cladding quality very stable and reliable

    本課題是基於整體提高電子管的質量和降低生產成本的要求,對電子管生產中的重要部分? ?柵極的表面處理技術進行改進和完善,主要在以下方面進行了深入研究:在鉬柵極表面處理方面,主要為實現降低柵極的熱電子發射和二次電子發射,通過不同工藝路線的不斷試驗和摸索,成功開發出柵極電泳tac 、 zrc和電鍍鉑黑的新工藝,使柵極的塗覆質量穩定可靠。
  2. The ancestor of these miniature electronic devices is the vacuum tube

  3. Silicone polymer coated fibeglass sleeve tube called silicone fiberglass sleeve tube woven by no alkali fiberglass and then baked with organic silicone polymer coating, and it has good insulating and self - exting property as well as has good softness and flexibility, often used in 50 - 250, and it fits for insulating protcction on the high temperature occasion such as electronic electricity, floodlight, industrial machine and heating element etc

    玻璃纖維硅樹脂自熄管俗稱玻纖硅套管,由無堿玻璃纖維編織成管,並塗以有機硅共聚樹脂烘培而成,具有良好的介電性能,自熄性及優良的柔軟性和彈性,使用溫度范圍為50 - 250之間,適用於各種電子電器、照明燈具、工業機器、電熱製品等高溫場所的絕緣保護。
  4. In this thesis, we study the density of electronic states of single - wall carbon nanotubes. the effects of tube - diameters and chiralities on the electronic structures are discussed by means of the analytical expression of band structures of single - wall carbon nanotubes under the consideration of curvature effects

  5. Nickel and its alloy sheets and strips for electronic tube