electronic entertainment中文意思是什麼

electronic entertainment解釋

  • electronic: adj. 電子的,電子操縱的;用電子設備生產的;用電子設備完成的。adv. -cally
  • entertainment: n. 1. 招待,款待;應酬;宴會;娛樂;游藝,余興。2. 懷抱。3. 受理,采納。4. 招待會,表演會,文娛節目。

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  1. Medium scale and small scale that offer one - stop electronic commercial services. and an entertainment center with beautiful environment. inaddition. the hotel affords multi - floors of quiet and tastefully laid out commercial offices facilitated with a full package of communications and net equipment. among which has already settled the liwan district returned students scientific and technological pioneer park. with its high - quality complete facilities and services. xianda is a home for your business trip in guangzhou. where you live comfortably and play heartily

  2. Electronic sports have great potential and can drive the further development of the country s software, hardware, cybercafe, media, entertainment, publication, internet, computer, tv, mobile telecommunications and it industries

  3. Beijing sanhesongshi machinery electronic co., ltd is an experienced company specializing in producing and marketing leisure and entertainment and sporting facilities

  4. Components for electronic equipment. magnetic ferrites class " a " for entertainment applications

    電子設備元件.娛樂用" a "類磁性鐵氧體
  5. For the first time, hong kong s digital entertainment industry is showcasing its achievements and capabilities for an international audience at the prestigious electronic entertainment expo ( e3 ) in los angeles