electronic tube voltmetre中文意思是什麼

electronic tube voltmetre解釋

  • electronic: adj. 電子的,電子操縱的;用電子設備生產的;用電子設備完成的。adv. -cally
  • tube: n 1 管,筒;顏料管。2 管狀地下隧道;〈口語〉(倫敦的)地下鐵道。3 【炮】炮身;【汽鍋】鍋管;【解...

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  1. The ancestor of these miniature electronic devices is the vacuum tube

  2. Out of the electronic tube has come one particularly tough little war baby

  3. Mainly products : heat shrinkable tubeelectronic wire 、 flexiable flat cable 、 wiring accessories and teflon etc

  4. Electronic ballast for t5 fluorescent lighting tube

  5. Because gyrotron traveling wave tube amplifier ( gyro - twt ) is an important millimeter wave amplifier with the characteristics of the high output power, the broadband width, and good efficiency, which has vast application vistas in many areas such as millimeter radar, communications, electronic countermeasure, and so forth, it has been pay much respect in the world

    迴旋行波管是一種大功率、高效率、寬頻帶放大器,在毫米波雷達,通信與電子戰等方面有十分重要的應用前景,因而在國際上受到高度重視。由俄羅斯人g . denisov等提出的螺旋波紋波導是一種比較理想的結構。