elixir of gentian中文意思是什麼

elixir of gentian解釋

  • elixir: n. 1. 【藥學】酏劑,甘香酒劑。2. 煉金藥,長生不老藥,靈丹妙藥。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • gentian: n. 1. 【植物;植物學】龍膽屬植物,龍膽。2. 龍膽健胃劑。

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  1. However, no one has ever succeeded in locating the entrance to the mausoleum. thus the bulk of the first emperors treasure, including his much - fabled elixir of youth, remains intact. until now, that is

    Jack與william被守墓侍衛與信眾窮追,二人分頭逃命, jack遇印度少女samantha mallika sherawat飾帶他到高僧師父處暫避,高僧感應到jack被一段前世緣分困擾。
  2. Chang e, wife of yi a tribal chief in ancient china, stole her husband s elixir of immortality, and fled to the moon together with the hare

  3. In addition it assumes grace of air, blessing of kings, 30 stam food, elixir of major defense and elixir of major agility ( but not a flask of foritfication since these don ' t stack with elixirs on ptr )

    另外還有風優圖騰、王者祝福、 30耐的食物、極效防禦之力藥劑、極效敏捷藥劑(但是沒有防禦精煉藥水,因為無法跟其他藥劑疊加效果) 。
  4. Amitayus usually holds a long - life vase filled with the nectar of immortality, an elixir of eternal life. however, this icon is special as amitayus is sitting in the father - mother union posture with his female consort

  5. He soon manifested his familiarity with the ponderous and imposing machinery of antique physic ; in which every remedy contained a multitude of far - fetched and heterogeneous ingredients, as elaborately compounded as if the proposed result had been the elixir of life