embedding medium中文意思是什麼

embedding medium解釋

  • embedding: 包埋,埋植
  • medium: n (pl dia )1 媒介物;傳導體;媒質,基質,介質,介體;中間物;環境、生活情形。2 手段,方法;媒介...

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  1. This paper is a study of narrative embedding, which, as a rewarding method of plot construction in narrative texts, constitutes an important component in the poetic presentation of theme on the absurdist stage

  2. It has dark color and sweet smell, medium sourness, well controlled aftertaste, no acerbity

  3. Enterprise is the cell of modem world and the principal part of the market economy in which small and medium enterprise ( sme ) that are the absolute majority of all the enterprise are the most active and vigorous part

  4. The ionosphere is a complex medium, which is aeolotropy, asymmetry, dispersive and changes randomly with time. in order to improve the communication quality of the shortwave that depends on the ionosphere, we should have aknowledge of the current condition of the ionosphere in real time. the backscatter sounding of high frequency can diagnose the real - time channel characters for shortwave communication or hf radar, which is great assistant to shortwave communication and hf radar

  5. The study shows that cretaceous volcanics mainly consist of medium acidic volcanic lava and volcanoclastic rocks, with locally developed basic lava ; medium acidic volcanics mainly consists of calc - alkalic series, was formed in compressive orogenic environment, and has good reservoir property, while cretaceous basis lava mainly consists of alkalic series, was formed in rift environment, and has poor reservoir property