vt. 及物動詞 給…壯膽,使更大膽,鼓勵。
His kind manner emboldened her to ask for help. 他的和藹態度使她大起膽子開口求助。


    1. President bush says opposition demands to pull u. s. troops out of iraq by october would embolden the enemy

    2. Together with our counterparts at unc and cbs, a truly international team of faculty members will challenge our students, broaden their horizon and embolden them to think and act with a global mindset. " globe is an innovation in business education for undergraduate students, " said unc kenan - flagler dean steve jones

    3. It is crystal clear that restriction ( limit ) on or suppression of the media supervision would only encourage ( embolden ) the law - defying offenders, turning the common folks angry and frustrated, which is certainly not conducive to maintaining social stability

    4. He rejects a timetable for a troop withdrawal because he says that would embolden the enemy and make america appear weak

    5. But in remarks meant to rebuild public support for the war, mr bush has made clear that he believes leaves withdrawing troops now would enbold embolden the enemy and make america more volunable vulnerable to terrorist attack