emergency oil storage installation中文意思是什麼

emergency oil storage installation解釋

  • emergency: n 突然事件;緊急情況,非常時期。 take emergency measures 採取緊急措施。 be prepared [ready] for a...
  • oil: n 1 油;油類;油狀物〈一般是不可數名詞,表示種類時則用 pl 如:vegetable and animal oils 植物油和...
  • storage: n. 1. 貯藏(量),存儲(量);(倉庫)保管;庫容量。2. 棧房,倉庫,貯藏所。3. 棧租,棧費。4. 貯存器。5. 【電學】蓄電(瓶)。6. 【自動化】(計算機的)存儲(器);記憶。
  • installation: n. 1. 就職,就任,就職禮。2. 裝置,設備。3. 安裝;設置;安置。4. 軍事設施。

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  1. Forclean - up jobs, the unit is equipped with a dedicated oil pollution control launch, five tugs capable of dispersing oil spills with chemical dispersant, one oil skimming boat and an oil storage vessel

    為執行清理工作,污染控制小組配備一艘專用油污控制船、 5艘能以化油劑清理油污的拖船、一艘撇油艇和一艘儲油船。
  2. The marine department s pollution control unit ( pcu ), equipped with dedicated equipment such as oil pollution control launches, oil dispersing tugs, an oil skimming boat and an oil storage vessel, responds to oil spill reports and co - ordinates oil spill clearing operations

  3. Internal corrosions of the oil storage tanks are caused by oxygen - absorbed, salt and deposits, the last kind of corrosion is most serious

  4. Investigation on settlement in zhoushan of national oil storage base

  5. In the past few months, the government has put forward proposals to the relevant panels of this council to adjust some fees and charges that do not directly affect people s livelihood or general business activities, such as fees for oil storage installation licences and for registration of general building contractors

    政府收費99 .在過去數月,政府已向立法會有關的事務委員會提出調整部分不直接影響民生或一般營商活動的收費建議,如貯油裝置牌照費及一般建築承建商注冊費。