emotional entanglements中文意思是什麼

emotional entanglements解釋

  • emotional: adj 1 情緒的,感情的。2 容易激動,易動感情的,感情脆弱的。3 感動人的,激起感情的。n ism 感情主義...

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  1. Vicarious emotional arousal

  2. We can't let macmillan practice this emotional blackmail on us.

  3. The interview clears lines of communication of emotional blockage.

  4. Nursing produces an emotional closeness between a mother and her child that has immeasurable value.

  5. Miacles happen in unexpected places, even in the death - row cellblock at cold mountain penitentiary, there john coffey, a gentle giant of a prisoner with supernatural powers, brings a sense of spirit and humanity to his guards and fellow inmates. tom hanks leads a stellar ensemble including michael clarke duncan as coffey in this emotional, uplifting story of guards and captives ; husbands and wives ; prisoners and a remarkable mouse named mr. jingles ; and, on another level, of a moviemaker and his source. that filmmaker is frank darabont, who returns after his 1994 directorial debut the shawshank redemption to adapt another tale by stephen king into a stirring, crow - pleasing entertainment nominated for 4 academy awards, including best picture