vt. 及物動詞 1. 放,置。
2. 【軍事】放列,使(火炮)進入陣地。
n. 名詞 -ment 1. 定位置;【軍事】放列動作。
2. 炮兵掩體,炮臺,炮位。


    1. Uncoiler series - removable emplace material frame removable emplace material frame ycr - 200

    2. 2. adjust simple with brake hand wheel adjust the emplace material s resistance size

      2 .調整簡單,配有剎車手輪調整放料阻力大小。
    3. The team leader decides on where to emplace the gun, and he coordinates with higher leadership ( ie squad or platoon leader ) to get his crew - served teams set up where they can best support the platoon

    4. The geologic, element and experimental study suggest the mechanism of small body, giant deposit in jinchuan is succeeding segregation whole magma chamber intruding from deep to emplace. the study is proof, supplementary and progress of the deep segregation, penetrating ore formation theory, which was advanced by mr tang zhongli, the academician of china. 5