adj. 形容詞 1. 能使用的。
2. 可僱用的〈尤指適于僱用的或滿足起碼僱用要求的〉。


    1. The university of bedfordshire ' s careers service has been commended by the association of graduate careers advisory services ( agcas ) for incorporating skills into degree courses to make students more employable

      2006年9月,在最近的一份年報上,貝德福德大學職業服務中心獲得來自英國畢業生就業咨詢服務協會( agcas )的表揚,貝德福德大學將擇業技巧融入日常學位課程中,使學生就業率獲得極大地提高。
    2. Not employable by other employers without prior permission of the director of immigration

    3. The introduction of a w - prefix identity card for lawfully employable imported workers and foreign domestic helpers is yet another measure to help guard against the menace of illegal employment activities

      為了打擊非法僱用活動,我們以" w "字頭的身份證號碼,清楚區分合法輸入的勞工和海外家庭傭工。
    4. In the presence of his lawyer, a 54 - year - old man surrendered to the police at kwun tong police station at about 4. 30 pm today ( august 12 ). he was subsequently arrested for employing persons not lawfully employable and is still detained by the district crime squad of kwun tong for enquiries

    5. As mpf retirement benefits are meant to support the livelihood of the recipient when he is no longer employable, they should be disregarded in computing disposable capital