enamel can lining中文意思是什麼

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  • enamel: n. 1. 搪瓷,琺瑯,瓷漆。2. 搪瓷製品。3. 指甲油。4. (牙齒的)琺瑯質,釉質。vt. (〈英國〉 -ll-)1. 給…上琺瑯,在…塗瓷漆。2. 使光滑。3. 給…上彩色,彩飾。
  • can: n 1 〈美國〉罐頭,聽頭(=〈英國〉tin);(裝液體的)鐵罐,玻璃罐(等);一罐(之量);茶杯。2 〈...
  • lining: n. 1. (衣服等的)襯里,裡子;襯料。2. 〈古語〉內容。3. 裝襯里[襯套等]。4. 【機械工程】襯,襯套,套筒,襯墊;(汽機的)氣套。5. 【建築】隔板。

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  1. Usage : mainly used in the production of fused salt electrorefining aluminium, corundum, enamel, refractories and other alumina chemical products, meanwhile it can also used in paints area

  2. Osteoblasts can be seen lining the lacunae in the newly developing fetal bone, and they deposit bone along calcified cartilagenous spicules

  3. Fucking without a condom and pulling out before you cum is also extremely unsafe as both semen and pre - cum can carry hiv and the virus can easily enter the bloodstream through the membranes lining the anal canal

    不帶套就提槍上陣,就算不射也是極端危險的,因為精液和前列腺液都可能攜帶hiv ,病毒要穿透菊花內部的表皮細胞簡直輕而易舉。
  4. The results of the studies show that the size, length, and scope of tunnel lining crack can be identify by infrared thermography images

  5. The results show that the hadifield - steel which is modified by rare - earth has good performance and can meet the performance requirement of lining board of the cone crusher