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  1. Thomas j. abercrombie, kabul, afghanistan 1967, as enclosed as her pets, an afghan woman secludes herself behind the traditional chadri as she balances caged goldfinches bought at market

    阿富汗,喀布爾, 1967年,托馬斯?亞柏克隆比,這位婦人將市場買來的金翅雀頂在頭上,一襲傳統的察都里袍圍住全身,把她圍得與籠中鳥一樣的禁閉。
  2. Standard practice for operating enclosed carbon arc light apparatus for exposure of nonmetallic materials

  3. In most automotive engines, there are two openings, or ports, in the enclosed end of the cylinder.

  4. When the rock mass of dam abutment is enclosed by faults, joint fissures and bedding planes, it is necessary to carry out holistic anti - slide stability analysis in order to make the abutment withstand potential slide

    摘要當拱? ?肩巖體為斷層、節理裂隙、層面等結構面所圍成,有可能產生滑移時,就應進行整體抗滑穩定分析。
  5. The series of current transformers are resin insulated , fully enclosed and busbar type. the iron core is circular and the secondary winding goes around the core before casting by epoxy