encoding mask中文意思是什麼

encoding mask解釋

  • encoding: 編碼(作用)
  • mask: n 1 假面具,偽裝,掩蔽物;面罩;防毒面具(= gas mask);【物理學】掩模;(劈劍,棒球等用)護面;...

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  1. Sometimes he was handsome : sometimes as he looked sideways, downwards, and the light fell on him, he had the silent, enduring beauty of a carved ivory negro mask, with his rather full eyes, and the strong queerly - arched brows, the immobile, compressed mouth ; that momentary but revealed immobility, an immobility, a timelessness which the buddha aims at, and which negroes express sometimes without ever aiming at it ; something old, old, and acquiescent in the race

  2. Facial painting is an adaptation of the mask.

  3. In addition to avermectins, s. avermitilis produces oligomycin, a strongly toxic compound. gene deletion vector pxl05 was used to disrupt oligomycin polyketide synthase ( pks ) encoding genes ( olma ) in streptomyces avermitilis cz8 - 73, the producer of anthelmintic avermectins b and the cell growth inhibitor oligomycin. olma gene cluster in the chromosome was displaced by deletion allele on the plasmid via double crossover

    本研究以產阿維菌素b和寡黴素的阿維鏈黴菌cz8 - 73為出發菌株,構建了基因缺失載體pxl05 ,並將其轉入cz8 - 73中,通過缺失載體和染色體之間的同源雙交換,對染色體上長達90kb的寡黴素聚酮合酶( pks )基因簇( olma )進行了缺失。
  4. Direction : use on the clean face, apply the collagen antiphlogistic mask, after 20 - 30 minutes remove with clean water, use twice a week or as often as needed

    使用方法= =用法:清潔面部后,敷上治療敏感補濕骨膠原面膜,約20 - 30分鐘后,用清水洗凈,即可完成,每星期使用2 - 3次。任何皮膚及敏感性皮膚
  5. Use this mask to get non - standard encoding information for native interop