end-of-period cutoff中文意思是什麼

end-of-period cutoff解釋

  • end: n 1 端,尖,末端,終點。2 邊緣;極點,極限。3 結局,結果。4 目的。5 最後,死。6 【紡織;印染】經...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • period: n 1 時代;期;時期;期間;階段。2 〈the period〉現代,當代。3 周期;【地質學;地理學】紀。4 終結...
  • cutoff: 1. 〈美國〉近路,捷徑。2. 【機械工程】停車(裝置);【火箭】切斷,停止工作。3. 〈美國〉運河。

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  1. Researchers found that the honeymoon period for newlyweds lasts less than five years and that disillusionment and disaffection often set in by the end of that period

  2. Hanfei was the master of legalist school at the end of the warring period

  3. Statements of trading stock held by the person at the end of the accounting period and all records of stocktakings from which any such statement of trading stock has been prepared

  4. The working key of period differs according to subbranch of a bank in the meantime, cooperate contest of labor having reward to adjust working centre of gravity in time, make a small local branch from beginning to end around subbranch of a bank this center begins the work

  5. The term closing the accounts refers to the end - of - period step that prepares the accounts for recording the transactions of the next period