endometriosis of vagina中文意思是什麼

endometriosis of vagina解釋

  • endometriosis: n. 【醫學】子宮內膜異位。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • vagina: n. (pl. vaginas, -nae ) 【動物;動物學】鞘;【解剖學】陰道;【植物;植物學】籜,葉鞘。adj. -l

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  1. What should point out is, a little venereal pathogen is likely from the eduction of ill cutting position beyond the penis, vagina, if transmit luetic hard chancre to be able to grow the other place in the body, bleb of acuteness wet wart, genital is ok autoinoculation, also can grow to wait for place in oral cavity, so although condom has protective effect, but also have certain limitation

  2. Clinical diagnosis and medical treatment of endometriosis

  3. Advance in etiology, diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis

  4. She says a white officer ordered her torture, carried out by a black soldier who shoved a bottle into her vagina to force her to reveal the whereabouts of her brother, a member of the mau mau

  5. If there is a change in the acid environment of vagina, woman may have higher chance of getting vaginal yeast infection