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  • energy: n. 1. 干勁,活力。2. (語言、行為等的)生動。3. 〈pl. 〉 (個人的)精力;能力。4. 【物理學】能,能量。
  • storage: n. 1. 貯藏(量),存儲(量);(倉庫)保管;庫容量。2. 棧房,倉庫,貯藏所。3. 棧租,棧費。4. 貯存器。5. 【電學】蓄電(瓶)。6. 【自動化】(計算機的)存儲(器);記憶。
  • capacity: n 1 包容力,吸收力,收容力。2 容積,容量;【電學】電容,負載量。3 能力,才幹,本領;性能,機能。4...

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  1. Encourage development of polysilicon and further of spv materials and matching new energy storage cell, aerolite, high titanium slag, titanium sponge and titanium materials

  2. The design hardly has denies measures so that it is convenient to use while its noise is loud " the article analysis the prime factors of noise quantitatively through the fervency spectrum, and make the ways object to noise, in that it is suggested to improve the energy storage system and raise the system control capability to the moving door so to slow the close velocity

  3. We have developed the grain size varies among 2um to 15um grade superfine powder and the yearly output of which comes up to 20, 000 tons. our products mainly consist of calcite powder, french chalk, active coarse whiting and other jinshi brand series superfine powder, which are welcomed in the more than 10 provinces and districts markets. the company has owned a calcite mine, and the calcite storage capacity has reached to more than 2 million tons

    99年公司投資1500萬元引進細川德國alpine公司先進超細粉碎分級設備流水生產線,屬國內領先水平,開發了粒徑為2um - 15um級的超細粉體(年生產量2萬噸) ,主要生產方解石粉、滑石粉、硅灰粉、活性重鈣等金石牌系列超細粉體,暢銷國內10多個省市,產品深受各地用戶親睞。
  4. So choose parameter of damping device with reduce energy storage to improve cvt become and respond effective way of characteristic wink rational, this increases the capacity of sending for raising the dynamic stability of the supervoltage power transmission and transformation system, guarantee power system safe and reliable to run and have important technology economic meanings

  5. All vanadium redox flow battery is a new - style and environmentally friendly energy storage battery that has many characteristics such as instant recharge by replacing the spent electrolytes, discharged at large current density, really fully discharged ( 100 % ), increasing storage capacity easily, a theoretically unlimited life, sim - ple operation and maintenance. therefore, it is undergoing a exciting development and commercialization. however, there are still some questions to be solved during its commercialization, such as how to prepare highpurity vanadium electrolyte, to enhance its energy density and efficiency, to improve its charge / discharge performance. so it is very important for improving the perfoemance of vanadium redox flow battery and its commercialization to select adaptive electrode materials, to investigate the mechanism of the electrode reaction and to select some additives