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  • energy: n. 1. 干勁,活力。2. (語言、行為等的)生動。3. 〈pl. 〉 (個人的)精力;能力。4. 【物理學】能,能量。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • ionization: n 【物理學】電離(作用);離子化。 ionization by impact [light] 碰撞[光感]電離。 ionization const...

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  1. The former curves of sensuousness were now modulated to lines of devotional passion. the lip - shapes that had meant seductiveness were now made to express supplication ; the glow on the cheek that yesterday could be translated as riotousness was evangelized to - day into the splendour of pious rhetoric ; animalism had become fanaticism ; paganism paulinism ; the bold rolling eye that had flashed upon her form in the old time with such mastery now beamed with the rude energy of a theolatry that was almost ferocious

  2. This experiment is going to validate the relations between the momentum and kinetic energy by determining the momentum and the kinetic energy of the celerity electron at the same time

  3. We design several combined photonic crystals models based on the destructive interference theory, which can transfer completely the energy of a signal from one channel to another, or can realize light switching

  4. The ultimate source of energy of all ecosystems is the sun.

  5. Ultrashort wave electrotherapy machine is an instrument which utilizes high frequency electric energy of ultrashort wave to act on human ' s organism for treatment