1. The method has triumphantly applied in sag evaluation in chagan depression, and enhanced the forecast of exploration targets, and achieved favorable effect, and auspicated a new way of exploration for similar lower exploration mid - small basins

    2. The composites not only show excellent photo - responsive properties in the visible and near - ir region ( 450 ~ 850 nm ), but also show complementary and synergetic enhancement effects in photosensitivity in the visible and near - ir region. the reasons for the enhanced photoconductive properties and new effects are explained in terms of the partial and directional charge transfer from phthalocyanine to azo compound in these azo / tiopc composites. 2

      研究發現這兩種復合材料體系在可見光區和近紅外光區( 450 850nm )均有光譜響應,光譜響應范圍得到了拓寬,並在該波長范圍內都有優良的光電導性能,呈現出明顯的光電導性能協同增強和互補效應,該復合材料體系中酞菁向偶氮發生的部分定向的電荷轉移是光電導性能協同增強和互補效應產生的物理起因。
    3. Specification for bayonet lampholders with enhanced safety

    4. Herbs bourgeoned with a high density and a low coverage in early july. with the coming of rain season, the velocity of growth in herbs enhanced with the higher coverage in august. in september, the growth of herbs stopped and the density and coverage of herbs descended

    5. Sorting capacity at subic bay was doubled through facility expansion and enhanced automation for even faster document sorting. later that year, fedex strengthened service offering between asia pacific and europe with upgrade of md - 11 aircraft, doubling cargo capacity and expanding volume by 50 tons per day