enoch ruhigira中文意思是什麼

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  1. The book of enoch was first discovered in abyssinia in the year 1773 by a scottish explorer named james bruce

    以諾書首先在1773年被一位叫詹姆斯布魯斯的蘇格蘭探險家發現于阿比西尼亞(非洲東部國家) 。
  2. The three so - called pseudepigraphical works were allegedly written by or under the influence of the antediluvian patriarch enoch, who was taken up to heaven by the lord, an event described in the book of genesis ( 5 : 24 ) ; pseudepigraphical writings are those that are noncanonical ( meaning not accepted into the body of biblical books ) and were composed in a style intending to resemble or appear as authentic biblical literature, often assuming the title of some personage known to the audience

    三篇所謂的偽經依其申述是在大洪水之前的以諾族長影響之下寫成的,以諾被神提升到天堂,是創世紀( 5 : 24 )描述的事件;偽經作品是不列入正典中的書(意味著並不被聖經主要部分所接受) ,以一種預計中類似可信聖經文獻的風格來編寫,或者以可信聖經文獻面貌來出現,經常採用一些眾所周知的著名人物作為標題。
  3. And all the days of enoch were three hundred sixty - five years

  4. 23 the entire lifetime of enoch was three hundred and sixty - five years

  5. The most famous writings bearing his name are the first, second, and third books of enoch, ranked among the large body of literature termed apocryphal and pseudepigraphical, meaning that they are noncanonical ( not accepted into the body of recognized books of the bible ) and are - in the case of the pseudepigrapha - attributed to some person of note and written in the style of genuine biblical books

    最著名的著作就是以諾一書,二書和三書,把大量方面劃分為次經和偽經,意思是說它們不在經典之中(並不聖經主要部分所接受) ,是屬于聖經的模擬(偽仿)作品的情形? ?歸結於一些人模模擬實聖經方式來記錄和書寫。