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  • envelope: n. 1. 信封;紙袋;包封,封皮。2. 殼層,外殼。3. 【數學】包(絡)線;包跡。4. 【航空】氣囊;【天文學】包層;【生物學】包膜,包被。
  • phase: n 1 形勢,局面,狀態;階級。2 方面,側面。3 【天文學】(月等的)變相,盈虧;【物、天】相,周相,...

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  1. For some of its adherents it was only a temporary phase.

  2. Shapes of pulse envelope are found to have some effect on the degree of phase influences. dependence of single - cycle pulse ( scp ) energy on the carrier phase has been studied for gaussian, lorentzian, hyperbolic secant and sine shapes respectively, which shows that these energies can be expressed in the same form. phase effect on pulse with gaussian envelope is the first to show, then are hyperbolic secant and lorentzian pulses, and sine the last

    包絡對載波相位的作用范圍也是有一定影響的,我們對高斯、洛侖茲、雙曲正割和sinc四種不同包絡的脈沖,研究了單周期脈沖能量隨載波相位的變化規律,發現以上四種脈沖的歸一化能量均可在形式上用同一表達式表示,並發現對于這四種不同包絡的脈沖,高斯脈沖相位的作用最早體現出來,然後是雙曲正割和洛侖茲脈沖, sinc脈沖最遲。
  3. Motion compensation includes range alignment and phase reference selection technology. frequency correction algorithm, spatial correction algorithm and envelope minimum entropy algorithm are respectively applied in range alignment. phase compensation is according to selection of the phase reference

    2 、運動補償部分主要解決距離校正和相位基準選擇技術,距離校正分別採用了頻域校正法、空域校正法和包絡最小熵法,主要依據相位基準選擇的方法來進行相位補償。
  4. Calculations indicate that the carrier phase takes effect till the time width of the pulse envelope becomes smaller than the period of the carrier oscillation, and the interpretation of this phenomenon is also presented. it is the difference between phase delay and group delay that causes the sliding between the carrier and the envelope

  5. It evolves into a semi - detached binary after about 2. 7 myr, and its secondary fills its roche robe after 34. 5 myr, and then evolves into a contact binary. contact phase is characterized by energy transfer between the components through a common envelope

    初始模型是一個主星十分接近其內臨界等位面的分離雙星,大約演化2 . 7 10 ~ 6年成為半接雙星,經過3 . 45 10 ~ 7年次星開始充滿洛希瓣,而演化成相接雙星。