• epi: 埃皮
  • sea: SEA = Southeast Asia 東南亞。n 1 海;海洋;內海;大(淡水)湖。2 〈pl 或與不定冠詞連用〉海面(狀...


  1. We were heading s. s. w., and had a steady breeze abeam and a quiet sea

  2. Therefore, to enlarge the aquaculture areas and exploit the deep sea is the way we must follow. and the key is the development of abyssal aquaculture cages, to be exact, the storm proof ability of the cages

  3. The fish lil liquid hard capsule selects the pure fish oil and the import lecithin which the non - pollution deep sea fish refinement becomes is the primary data, including the rich unsaturated fatty acid ( dha + epa ) and phosphor - lipin acid radical choline ( pc ), is the young people and the child ce - rebrum grows the important nutrition ingredient

    魚油液體硬膠囊選用無污深海魚提煉而成的精純魚和進口卵磷脂為主要原料,含豐富的不飽和脂肪酸( dha + epa )和磷脂酰膽堿( pc ) ,是青少年及兒童大腦成長中重要的營養成分。
  4. With its 5, 835 km of coastline on the adriatic sea, it has long been considered one of the most beautiful places in all of europe

    克羅埃西亞擁有亞得里亞海5 , 835公里長的海岸線,一直以來被認為是歐洲最美麗的國度之一。
  5. Love of the aegean sea original soundtrack