equal coeloblastula中文意思是什麼

equal coeloblastula解釋

  • equal: adj 1 相等的;平等的,均等的 (to; with); 同等的;公平的;一樣的。2 平靜的;平穩的。3 勢均力敵的...
  • coeloblastula: 腔囊胚;有腔囊胚

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  1. Then we deal with the relative fluctuations as following : take relative fluctuations from small to big and take them as abscissa, the corresponding vertical is the total number that relative fluctuations equal to or bigger than the abscissa

  2. The ancient accusatorial model in the criminal procedure is characteristic of the equal status of the plaintiff and the defendant who take the predominant position in the trial procedure in which the public organ is not entitled to the prosecution

  3. You have a known quantity, your team, and you have to make them into something that can win the absolute majority of some 60 games a season, against 30 + other teams of almost equal quality

  4. Kelvin is the unit for the absolute temperature scale. one kelvin is equal to one degree celsius. however, the absolute temperature scale is shifted by 273

    絕對溫度是科學界最通用的溫度單位,只要將它減去273 ,便可轉化為攝氏度,例如絕對溫度300度,相等於攝氏27度。
  5. Equal channel angular processing of the pearlitic steel ( 0. 65 wt. % c ) was successfully carried out at 650 with route c in this study, obtaining a total equivalent true strain ~ 5. the microstructure evolution of pearlitic steel in ecap was investigated by means of transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope. the main results are as the following : 1

    本研究成功地實現了c方式650珠光體鋼65mnecap變形,累積等效真應變達到5 。並用透射電鏡、掃描電鏡研究了珠光體組織的演變特點和滲碳體的變形。主要結果如下: 1