equal potential working中文意思是什麼

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  • equal: adj 1 相等的;平等的,均等的 (to; with); 同等的;公平的;一樣的。2 平靜的;平穩的。3 勢均力敵的...
  • potential: adj 1 可能的;【語法】可能語氣的。2 潛在的;有潛勢的;【物理學】位的,勢的。3 〈罕用語〉有力的。n...
  • working: adj 1 工作的,從事勞動的。2 操作的,作業的。3 工人的。4 (用於)實際工作的,任事的;使用(中)的...

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  1. The dissertation shows how a series of well - performing composite adsorbents that prepared by author suitable for the features of adsorption refrigeration are gained by using water and ethanol as cryogen ( adsorbate ), which cause no harm to body and environment. the performance of the working pairs of water or ethanol with the composite adsorbents in the refrigeration through adsorption and desiccant cooling are thoroughly examined by experiments. the dissertation also examines, through energy analysis, the refrigeration efficiency and utilization ratio of the adsorption refrigeration, and analyzes the economic potential of the adsorption air - conditioning

  2. In addition, the biosensor could be used for the detection of benzoic acid. the choline oxidase electrode based on polyaniline / polyacrylonitrile composite film showed sensitive and stable bioelectrochemical response to choline, which was influenced by ph, working potential and temperature

  3. Yet the vast collection of solutions are not all equal : each configuration has a potential energy, contributed by fluxes, branes and the curvature itself of the curled - up dimensions

  4. When most banks aimed at the high customer, chinese bank should hold and take advantage of lower customers and find the potential higher customers. the chinese bank can take possession of the advantage of wide customer to hold the market when the market absolutely opened. if the chinese bank always pursue the higher customer and ignore the lower customer is equal to lose the future potential higher customer

  5. When the conductor in electric fields reaches electric balance, the whole conductor is an equal potential body, which point ( plane ) can represent the entire conductor that is the key to calculating the electric potential of the conductor