esperanto circles中文意思是什麼

esperanto circles解釋

  • esperanto: n. 世界語〈1887年波蘭人 Zamenhof 用 Dr. Esperanto 為筆名發表〉。
  • circles: 徘徊

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  1. Thus, beginning with the fifteenth century, where our story finds us, paris had already outgrown the three concentric circles of walls which, from the time of julian the apostate, existed, so to speak, in germ in the grand - chatelet and the petit - chatelet

  2. Rotate each ankle in a complete circle. draw imaginary circles with the big toe five times

  3. It can be seen from the results that the control beam had good plastic property in the static failure experiment after two million fatigue loading circles. all specimens with corroded main bars were failure under the fatigue loads within one million fatigue circles. fatigue lifespan of reinforced concrete beam was sharply shortened after main bars corroded in it and the beam was destroyed bristly without any prediction

  4. I ' m here to represent the business circles of japan

  5. Sun tzu on art of war is referred to as the " guide to modem business war " in business circles

    摘要《孫子兵法》被商界稱為「現代商戰中的指南」 。