excess voltage suppressor中文意思是什麼

excess voltage suppressor解釋

  • excess: n 1 過量;過剩。2 超過,超越。3 超過數量。4 過度,(飲食等)無節制。5 〈pl 〉 過分行為,暴行。adj...
  • voltage: n. 【電學】電壓,電壓量,伏特數。 the working voltage (電氣的)耐壓限度。
  • suppressor: n. 鎮壓者;隱蔽者;禁止者;刪除者;抑制因子;【物理學】消聲器;【無線電】抑制柵極。

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  2. Doing a measurement with your dmm in the acv position on your dc circuit will give a quick indication of any excess ripple on the supply when you don " t have a scope at hand

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  5. 4. the hardware of electronic control system is developed. it includes display module whose tasks are man - machine interaction, displaying humidity and temperature, setting humidity, time, date and week, communicating with computer ; power device module which provides power of all modules and drives control equipments to accomplish intention of main control module and can provide zero crossing protection circuit, excess voltage and under voltage protection circuit and excess current protection circuit ; water sensor group, the responsibilities of which are testing the states of water and send the states to scm, then the scm control the water level after judging the states